If you want guaranteed results or need that extra motivation to achieve your goals then a Personal Trainer at the Grammar is for you.

  • Lose it: Weight loss, reduction of body fat and develop better body shape

  • Shape it: Build muscle, tone up, increase strength and sport-specific fitness

  • Balance it: Flexibility, mobility, balance, posture and reduce stress

  • Fix it: Rehabilitation for injury or reoccurring problems

Personal training is for men & women regardless of age or fitness level, our training and expertise will deliver life-changing results – guaranteed!

We all know the importance of keeping fit and healthy but finding the time, motivation and information needed to achieve such a lifestyle can become frustrating when our lives already seem so full. This is where a Personal Trainer can help.

A Personal Trainer will bring the knowledge, advice and motivation you need.

Your trainer will challenge you with fun and motivating workouts that will help you achieve your short and long-term goals and build your confidence levels up. Whether you just need a few sessions to get you going or continued support, a personal trainer is a fantastic investment in your long-term health and fitness.


Introductory Offer!

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